Mobile Adventurous Activities Logbook

In the Adventurous Activities Field, in order to maintain a certain degree of qualifications, or to work towards higher qualifications, you need to be able to show a running log of all the relevant activities, such as Descents in Abseiling, Ascents in Rock Climbing, or Details about Hikes, etc. For example, Scouts Australia – New South Wales Branch requires their leaders who hold a SIS-10 Qualification to complete 10 hours per year in their relevant areas. “All members are required to keep a log book that records their involvement in adventurous activities. The log book must record details of date, location, type of activity, number of participants and your role at the activity. The name and contact details of another person at the activity that could verify your involvement should also be recorded for future reference”. This requirement is similar, along all people who undergo training in SIS Outdoor Recreation, whether through a Registered Training Authority, or through a further education organisation such as the NSW Technical and Further Education (TAFE).


Currently there is no easy way to maintain a record of these activities, with most People in the industry either using a Excel or similar Spreadsheet programs. Excel and similar spreadsheet programs limit the possibilities in the area, as they are not mobile optimised, so you can’t enter data whilst out in the field, and they are lacking in technical features, and can’t perform much of the technical aspects a dedicated application could, such as Maps, GPS Tracking and Collaboration.


Adventur8 is a working proof of concept research, designed and developed for my Higher School Certificate Design & Technology Major Project.

Adventur8 was built using a bespoke application stack, featuring a custom developed JSON API to allow future expansion to multiple platforms, and a native iOS App.